Practice Policies


Dr. Carol Harkrader is not a participating provider (or "in-network doctor") for any insurance. This way, overall fees for all patients are kept down.

Payment in full is due at the time service is rendered. You may pay with Visa, MasterCard, cash, or check, and Dr. Harkrader will provide you with a receipt to use for filing your own claim. This is usually the fastest and most accurate way to get reimbursed by your insurance company. As an alternative, if you present your insurance card at registration, the office can file your claim for you.

If your plan requires prior authorization or a treatment plan to provide coverage, you are responsible for notifying the insurance company of treatment and for obtaining any special forms, which will be filled out during your treatment time.

Telephone Calls

Routine telephone calls regarding scheduling or brief discussion of medication side effects are provided free of additional charge. A telephone call of longer than five minutes duration, or one that requires clinical discretion or writing a note in your chart, will incur a fee based on the length of time required for the call.


Twenty-four hours' notice is required to cancel an appointment without incurring a missed appointment fee. The missed appointment fee is proportional to the amount of time reserved for you and will be charged even in cases where missing appointments is unavoidable. If Loudoun County Schools are closed for snow, there is no charge for missing an appointment, although usually the office is still open.

Office Hours and Prescriptions

Please note that the office is normally closed on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. Any prescription refills that must be called into a pharmacy between 2 p.m. Friday and Tuesday morning will be subject to a $10 surcharge.  Past due balances over 3 months will be sent to collections.